Which roads do you want exempt from 20mph?

Update on the 20mph Speed Limit Policy in Wales

After more than a year of opposing Welsh Labour's blanket 20mph policy and highlighting its impacts, the Welsh Government has acknowledged the need for change. The new Transport Cabinet Secretary is now proposing adjustments, allowing exemptions for certain roads.

Local Councils to Decide on Speed Limits

Starting in September, local councils will have the authority to restore the 30mph limit on selected roads. I am in discussion with Wrexham Council to relay their decisions as they are made. While I recognise the efforts to address the concerns of Wrexham's drivers, the responsibility of rectifying this policy should not fall solely on local councils. The 20mph limit remains default, and significant changes are needed.

Rather than burdening local councils with this issue, I urge the Welsh Government to repeal the default 20mph speed limit. I will continue to advocate for the voices of my constituents and the wider community in Wales.

Have Your Say on Road Speed Limits

I encourage residents to share their opinions on which roads should be exempt from the 20mph limit through a survey I have organised. The results will be forwarded to Wrexham Council.