About Sarah

Like most people, I am not wealthy but I believe in an honest days pay for an honest days work. I believe in paying my taxes but these must be spent wisely, protecting vital services and supporting the most vulnerable in society. I believe in a hand up, not a hand out and that the state should play a minimal part in how I live my life. These are core values, which many of us hold dear.

I was brought up locally by my supportive parents; my father was from Chester and mother from Caernarfon. I attended a comprehensive school and after leaving at 16, I joined the regular army, serving in the Intelligence Corps. A few years later I left to start a family. With a need to re-skill, I trained as a nurse at the Maelor and Bangor University progressing to became a District Nurse. I subsequently became a Social Worker, here in North Wales, specialising in older people and mental health. In between I found time to run my own business in Wrexham, a small Micro Brewery, based on the Industrial estate. Whilst working in the public sector I gained an understanding of the issues that face us all in our daily lives and I brought that understanding to my role as a community Councillor. In this role I have dedicated the past few years in improving my community. Although I am now happily married to Nick, I brought my son up as a single parent. I know only too well what it is like to pay the bills, balance work and family commitments.

I am a passionate Brexiteer and I believe in Britain's bright future outside of the European Union. Of course Britain is a European country - we are part of Europe. I am a firm believer in Brexit and that we will be better on our own - still part of Europe- still trading with Europe and elsewhere - but able to make our own decisions and our own rules. Whether you voted for Brexit or not, we need to move this on. This uncertainly is very unsettling for people, businesses and our Nation.  We need to grasp the opportunities that a post Brexit economy will offer Wrexham and that starts in Westminster.

It’s time for change, Wrexham deserves an MP who reflects the will of the people. It needs a fresh, dynamic approach - someone that had done a real job in difficult circumstances, someone that can really influence within the governing party and seize opportunities when they arise.            


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