Sarah Atherton MP encourages residents to support local businesses

With many shops opening their doors today for the first time since lockdown Wrexham’s MP, Sarah Atherton, has encouraged residents to support local businesses and our high street by shopping local.

Sarah said:

“Many small businesses in Wrexham and across the country have been devastated by the coronavirus outbreak. Businesses across Wrexham have made huge financial sacrifices by shutting their doors to help slow and prevent the spread of coronavirus, we can show our support by making the choice to shop locally.

“During the lockdown we have bought a great deal from the internet, but now that our shops are open, I encourage everyone to get back to buying from independent and local businesses wherever we can.

“Wrexham has a variety of shops that need your support. From clothes, to DIY products and everything in between. Everything we need can be found on our doorstep.

“Small businesses are at the heart of our communities. Let’s do all that we can do to support local businesses and to awaken our high street from its long slumber.”