Gower Homes Brownfield Developments

Today I had a very interesting meeting with Gower Homes, a small Wrexham based building firm who specialise in small scale brownfield developments. They have built in excess of 750 local homes over the past 35 years, 21 of 27 developments have been on brownfield sites.

Wrexham Leader: Only the Tories will stand up for Wales

Some Welsh political parties already have problems accepting one referendum result - Brexit, which didn't go the way they wanted. How many calls will they make for another vote until they get the answer they want. What happened to their commitment to democracy and the people.

Wrexham Leader: Labour will impose more state control

The Labour Party has announced, for its next manifesto, a policy to abolish fee paying schools and redistribute their assets, properties and endowments to the state.

This has actually been very successful at diverting media attention from its own muddled Brexit policy. 

Wales and the Union

59% of PEOPLE in Wrexham voted to leave the EUROPEAN UNION.

Clearly, Wrexham WANTS Brexit done!!!

And I will work with OUR  Prime Minister TO DO just that!

BUT what about our Union, our United Kingdom.

CPC 2019

This years Conservative party Conference, held in Manchester, was uplifting and showed the Conservatives commitment to respecting the result of the 2016 referendum and getting Brexit done. 


Wrexham Leader: Health Board Shame

Those of us who eventually get to access the NHS services will have nothing but praise for the care we receive from the doctors, nurses and support staff. Indeed, public sector workers form the backbone of our society. 

Dean Road Protest

Over 100 people gathered at Dean Road Playing field to protest against Glwyndwr University’s plan to gain planning permission for land which has been used for over 40 years by locals and Borras Football Club.

Community Pharmacy Wales

Community Pharmacy Wales

I had a vey informative meeting with Judy Thomas, Director of Contractor Services, Community Pharmacy, Wales.