Wrexham Leader: My View

I’d like to start by thanking the people of Wrexham for placing their trust in me by electing the first female, and indeed first Conservative MP for Wrexham and for Wales. As we face this new decade, I feel that there is a renewed sense of optimism going into 2020, particularly as, in my first act as the MP for Wrexham, I was proud to vote to finally get Brexit done; providing long overdue representation for the people of Wrexham.

I am now looking forward to moving our country forward and fighting to ensure that Wrexham receives the fair share of opportunities and benefits from Brexit.

I am pleased that the Government is committed to seizing the opportunities that arise from leaving the EU, such as the implementation of a new, fair and modern points-based immigration system. This is a vital way to control immigration numbers and maintain confidence in our systems. This will ensure the brightest and the best from across the world can make their home in the UK .

I look forward to hitting the ground running in the New Year. I am in the process of setting up an office to ensure I am able help, listen and support all residents, regardless of how they voted. 

I am keen to secure a better and brighter future for Wrexham. Starting with improving our town centre, by being realistic about the situation, cracking down on crime and anti-social behaviour whilst ensuring the town gets the investment it deserves. This is what the people of Wrexham want and you made it very clear to me during the campaign. A few can not continue to ruin It for the many. That process starts with talking to council leaders, local businesses and cross-party colleagues. 

I plan to work with my North Wales Conservative colleagues to collectively challenge the Welsh Labour Government on their abysmal management of our health service.  As a former nurse and social worker, this is very close to my heart and I want to ensure advances and investment in health and social care planned for England, are also seen here in Wales.

Finally, I am encouraged by the Government's commitment to restoring public confidence in the criminal justice system by addressing violent crime. In addition, I am pleased to see the introduction of legislation that will bring forth greater support for the victims of crime. This is vital and I will be supporting the Government to ensure ordinary hard-working people can live free from the fear of crime. 

I look forward to the year ahead and serving you in my capacity as your member of Parliament. If you have any issues that you would like me to assist with please get in touch:  e-mail: office@sarahatherton.org.uk 

Happy New Year.