The Telegraph: Ten Years in Jail for protesters who desecreate war memorials

Open Letter  in the Telegraph - Desecration of War Memorials 

While we condemn racism in all its forms, we must not rip down public monuments, shatter the fabric of our society, attack our institutions, tolerate criminality or make people feel anything other than pride when it comes to British culture and heritage.

The recent protests have been dominated by criminals who are undermining the very real fight against racism by burning flags, vandalising sacred war memorials and attacking police officers. This has caused outrage in our newly won constituencies in the Midlands, the North and Wales.

It’s time for these subversive individuals to be arrested, prosecuted and punished in accordance with the law.  

The Government must send a clear signal that the Conservative Party is the proud party of law and order, will protect our culture and heritage, and that it will not stand idly by as our democracy is dismantled in this way.

Blue Collar Conservatives have put forward a Desecration of War Memorials Bill, seeking to bring specific sanctions about those who deface and damage war memorials and monuments, as happened with the statue of Sir Winston Churchill.

We hope that we will have the Government’s support.

Lee Anderson MP

Brendan Clark Smith MP

Esther McVey MP

Philip Davies MP

Matt Vickers MP

Gareth Bacon MP

Sarah Atherton MP



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