Prime Minister’s ‘lockdown’ announcement

In an announcement both brief and informative, Prime Minister Boris Johnson this evening (March 23) announced the effective lockdown of the United Kingdom to slow the spread of Covid-19 (Coronavirus).


The Prime Minister’s message couldn’t be clearer. We are responsible for not just our own safety, but for everyone else’s safety as well. 

This is because the more people that fall ill, then the harder it is for NHS Wales to cope, and therefore we must slow the spread of the disease so that fewer people are sick at any one time.

Bluntly, if you go out unnecessarily, you risk lives, and the ability of NHS Wales to prevent deaths.

The decision is in your hands, but as the Prime Minister said, our police forces have been empowered to disperse gatherings of more than two people; the police will issue fines to anyone who does not comply with these rules; and the police will close all shops that are not essential, as well as playgrounds and places of worship.

Lives are at stake, and I urge you to do the right thing. As Boris Johnson said, these rules will be reviewed in three weeks, so we must all abide by them in order to control this pandemic.