Dean Road Protest

Over 100 people gathered at Dean Road Playing field to protest against Glwyndwr University’s plan to gain planning permission for land which has been used for over 40 years by locals and Borras Football Club. This is part of Glwyndwr’s plans to sell off 9 ‘development’ sites around Wrexham to fund their multi-million pound expansion plan. 

The Local Development Plan discounted this land for future development. However WCBC Planning Department supported the University’s planning application for 76 houses. It was the Planning Committee, made up of elected Councillors, who refused to allow the application. Democracy at work - well done those Cllrs who objected. 

The University can now submit an amended application or proceed to appeal. In the meantime the University has erected signage, threatening prosecution to trespassers, anti-climb fencing and has instructed 24hr surveillance. 

Whilst no one would contest the University’s plan for growth, this should not be at the expense of local life and wellbeing. Once these fields are gone they are lost forever. In addition, this area of Wrexham will soon host 1,700 new houses built under the soon to be implemented LDP. 

Local Cllrs from all parties, and myself, will be offering support to the newly formed Action Group. Vicarage Lane Action Group have shared their experiences with Dean Road, in order to offer assistance and solidarity and 9 Acres will, no doubt, be watching progress with interest.