Support for our Veterans

I was in the army, my first husband was a soldier for 34 years, my second husband was in the Royal Navy and my son was in the RAF reserves so I understand very very well what it is to be in the military family.  

It is to be welcomed that Boris Johnson's government has created the post of Veteran's Minister.  It is right that Penny Mordant stopped prosecution for ex military personal who were fighting abroad.  We must now renew efforts to give the same protection to those who served in the UK and that includes Northern Ireland. I will continue to put pressure on ministers on this issue whenever I can.  

(It appears we have already succeeded in this area as the Conservative Government have just announced protections for those who served in Northern Ireland). 

Our country should not be allowed to forget those who served.  Wrexham has a proud military tradition and I will support our town and our veterans with the same values and vigour that I learnt in the army. 

I welcome the discount railcard to be offered to veterans - once again a proposal from the Conservatives. 

A Conservative government would bring 150 empty social housing properties back into use specifically for military veterans who are at risk of homelessness.