Protecting our Green Spaces & Building More Affordable Homes

I am working with residents and action groups across the constituency to stop unsustainable developments on our precious green spaces. We must build more affordable homes on brownfield sites for local and first-time buyers.

With our expanding and ageing population we need new homes that will bring the cost of getting onto the property ladder down to attainable levels for the next generation. 

As our population and economy continue to grow it is natural that Wrexham will need more houses, this also means we have to take action to ensure houses built in our area are of the right number, in the right place, and that our infrastructure can cope with increased demand.

A Conservative Government is committed to:

- Amend planning rules so that the infrastructure - roads, schools, GP surgeries -  comes before people move into new homes.

- Establish blue belt zones in areas of flood risk to prevent inappropriate development. 

- Encourage innovation design and technology to make housing more affordable, accessible, and suitable for disabled people and an ageing population. 

- Create a Technology infrastructure Fund to establish complete wifi coverage in town and city centres across all of Wales.

- Double the length of cycle and walking routes in urban residential areas by 2040, prioritising local cycling networks around community anchors.

I would like to see better use of our brownfield sites – not our precious green spaces which are an asset to our communities.

It is important to provide high quality, affordable homes to help residents get on the property ladder, whether renting or buying. However, this must not come at the expense of our precious green spaces, that once lost are lost forever.