More Jobs for Wrexham

Only a business friendly Conservative Government will secure more jobs and investment in the Wrexham area. We want Wales to be the best country in the world to start and run a business - a place where entrepreneurs know they can build on their ideas and success.

Once we get Brexit done, we can use our new freedoms to ensure that the UK’s businesses can unleash their enormous potential - that they can hire, invest, export and grow, rather than being crushed by Jeremy Corbyn’s inexorable hostility towards aspiration and entrepreneurship. If Labour get into power they will tax businesses out of existence and cripple our economy.

The North Wales Growth deal aims to bring an improved infrastructure and more jobs to our part of North East Wales. £1bn is earmarked for Wales of which £240 million is for North Wales. A range of areas are being considered and reviewed in order to stimulate economic growth. These include Digital infrastructure, low carbon transport and engineering and manufacturing projects. This project aims to create over 4200 new jobs.

I will continue to champion the Wrexham area and in particular our transport links to the North West and the Midlands where much of our business focus is. A Conservative Government I committed to upgrading the A55 as the main road transport artery for North Wales - improving its capacity and resilience to build connections between Wales and the rest of the United Kingdom. Further, I will push for better transport links with Chester, Liverpool, Manchester with the creation of the North Wales metro.

You need a strong voice in Parliament for to stand up for businesses - that is me.  


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Extra UK funding for Wales


A £600 million boost for Wales from the Chancellor of the Exchequer has been welcomed by the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Wrexham.

Visit to JCB

On 27 August I visited JCB on the industrial estate.  They employ over 400 people and run both a graduate and an apprentice  scheme.  Senior management are fully ready for Brexit and say that currently trading conditions are strong.  This is a firm that knows how to run a world wide business.