Improving Heath and Social Care

Having worked as both a nurse and social worker, Improving our health and social care is something which I care passionately about. I welcome the Government's work on mental health, and would work with the Government to ensure that people suffering from mental health problems are treated with the same urgency as those suffering with ill physical health. Further, if elected I would work diligently to raise awareness of mental health issues, especially amongst young people, in Wrexham.

I am pleased to see the Prime Minister has pledged to give an additional £1.2 billion investment into the Welsh NHS. I will hold the Labour Welsh Government to account and ensure this increased funding reaches our frontline services.


Thanks to decades of economic growth and scientific innovation, people are living longer, healthier lives. But this, alongside the rise of dementia and other chronic conditions, means that the pressures on the elderly care system are ever-increasing.

I will bring the expertise I gained as a nurse and social worker to ensure we have a system that gives every the dignity and security that they deserve. This is a significant and complex challenge and in order to lay the foundation, we must plan for the infrastructure, workforce growth and healthcare integration that is required for a care system fit for the 21st century.

A Conservative Government would appoint a Chief Social Care Officer for Wales and provide support or those who care for their loved ones by providing a guarantee for respite for those with caring responsibilities and practical extra support for the silent army of young careers across Wales by reducing the barriers stopping them from accessing education, training and employment. 

Having worked with people suffering from Dementia for over 10 years, I am all too aware of the suffering that it causes for individual and their families. A Conservative Government would seek end the suffering caused by dementia and would prioritise finding a cure for this horrible illness. This will include doubling research finding into dementia, and speeding up trails for new treatments.


I am aware of the needs and future needs of our older generations. Issues like sustainable housing, health, social support and paying for care. I will work closely across boundaries inside and outside of Westminster to ensure these uses become a priority.