The economy and life of North Wales are critically dependent upon its East-West links. For business, tourism, leisure, international travel, higher education, specialist health care and much more. As a local person you will know how much we in Wrexham look towards the North West of England, commuting to Chester or Liverpool, and how strong these ties are.

It is for this reason that I endorse the Prime Minister’s statement that ‘many in the north [are] crying out for better east/west links instead of improved north/south ones.’ That said, I am also lobbying the Welsh Government to try to ensure that the investment that the UK Government is putting into rail in England, is replicated in Wales by improving links between North Wales and Cardiff & Swansea.

It is vital for the development of North Wales that plans for its own faster railway service are now included in the scoping and planning of High Speed North. That starts now by ensuring that the Crewe Hub is configured accordingly within HS2. Along the line, I expect this to filter down to better rail links to Chester, Wrexham, Llandudno and Holyhead.

It is for these reasons that I support the HS2 project.