Cyber Security

Since the coronavirus outbreak, we have been spending more time online. 

Here are a few tips on how to keep yourself safe online. 

Tips on how to create a safe password

Save Chester Zoo

Chester zoo is the biggest charity zoo in the UK and residents are so grateful to have it on our doorstep. The conservation work they do around the world is vital in preventing extinction. 

Improving Heath and Social Care

Having worked as both a nurse and social worker, Improving our health and social care is something which I care passionately about.

Getting Brexit Done

I am committed to standing up for the result of the EU referendum. 59% of Wrexham, and 52% of the country voted to leave the EU – overall, by a majority of 1.3 million people, the largest democratic mandate in British political history.

Cracking Down on Crime and Making Wrexham Safer

I am pleased to see that the Government has put law and order at the centre of their vision for Britain, and has begun work to recruit an additional 20,000 police officers to keep our streets safe. 

Improving our Town Centre

I have recently listened to the concerns and aspirations of a number of small businesses based in our town centre. They mention common themes, which if given priority, could make Wrexham a much more desirable place to work & visit.   

More Jobs for Wrexham

Only a business friendly Conservative Government will secure more jobs and investment in the Wrexham area. We want Wales to be the best country in the world to start and run a business - a place where entrepreneurs know they can build on their ideas and success.

Support for our Veterans

I was in the army, my first husband was a soldier for 34 years, my second husband was in the Royal Navy and my son was in the RAF reserves so I understand very very well what it is to be in the military family.